About us

Ho Gia Hung Yen Joint Stock Company was established in 2015, the main production field is specialized in producing non-woven fabrics. The main export markets of the Company are European countries, Japan, Russia ... in addition to other countries such as the US, Australia and some countries in Southeast Asia. In addition to the export market, the company has maintained its market share in the domestic market, its products have been present in all provinces across the country to serve the needs: medical supplies, hygiene materials , engineering, packaging, household appliances .... For many consecutive years, Ho Gia's products have been certified to TOPTEN Vietnamese consumer goods, high quality Vietnamese goods, and achieved quality gold awards. The company's non-woven brand is recognized as a national famous brand, gaining a strong brand, a famous brand in Vietnam.

   Ho Gia's goal is to be able to contribute to the development and progress of society, thereby improving the quality of life worldwide.